Summer University Cultural Property Protection

27 Apr

This year’s Summer University Cultural Property Protection focusses on structures, skills and procedures for the rescue of our cultural heritage. The week is part of the EU Interreg Central Europe project ProteCHt2save, which focusses on developing strategies to save our common cultural heritage in times of climate change induced natural catastrophes, especially floods and fire due to drought.

The one-week summer university allows students and experts to develop together the ideal model of a Cultural Heritage Rescue Team (CHRT) to be implemented in every country wishing to do so. Different working groups will deal with the structure and organisation of CHRTs as well as the skills and knowledge of the operators. In addition, short training sequences will focus on emergency evacuation and working in a crisis action staff.



–     Venue: Monastery of Melk, Austria

–     Date: August 27 to September 1 2018

–     No participation fees

–     For mandatory registration and further information:

–     For rooms in the monastery please contact us directly.

–     Feel free to spread to word and share this invitation.



Summer University Karte_Endversion



Danube University Krems

Department for Building and Environment

Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30

3500 Krems


+43(0)2732 893-2662


We look forward to welcome you in Melk in August.

Yours sincerely,

Mag. Dr. Anna Maria Kaiser


Donau-Universität Krems

Department für Bauen und Umwelt

Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30

A- 3500 Krems

Tel.: +43 / 2732 / 893 – 2662

Fax: +43 / 2732 / 893 – 4650




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